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Chuck Luessen

Traditional stoneware pottery, many shapes, sizes, glazes and functions.

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Clint Saunders

Clint creates fine art photography in seven genres including landscape, scenic, wildlife, rustic, still life, people and abstract. Clint's passion is utilizing light to emphasize form while adding strong mood to narrative.

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Daron Krueger

Daron's passion is also, oddly enough, utilizing light to emphasize form while adding strong mood to narrative. Daron's passion comes from driving roads searching for abandoned farmyards and remnants from the past.

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Dennis Pederson

Functional pottery with my own design and color patterned glazes make the perfect household addition.

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Donald Paul

I like to create from found and discarded objects, because for me, art is the ability to see unusual things in unusual ways. One of my works was described as "Unusual Art." I chortled at the comment (what is "Unusual Art?") and took it as a compliment.

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Elizabeth Henderson

My mother did not know what to do with this very young, intense child. She tried everything to amuse me. Finally, at 6 months she sat me in a wooden chair taped a piece of white typing paper to the surface and gave me a felt tip pen. This was the beginning of a life long love of creating communicating and healing through my art.

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Gail Pederson

My handmade tiles and jewelry use vivid color patterns and intuitive designs, creating eye catching works.

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Greg Hager

Music has always been a part of Greg Hager's life. He wrote his first song and learned to play guitar at the age of seven and has been playing, singing, and writing ever since. While growing up, his family regularly traveled putting on gospel music shows. Hager says, "All five of us sang and/or played an instrument. We always had a keyboard, a couple of guitars, a bass, banjo, trombone, trumpet, or flute along to support the songs that we sang as a family." When Greg graduated from high school, he put himself through college as a member of a traveling public relations gospel singing group.

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Jennifer Cabezas

Curious found objects and ephomera find a home in my mixed media work Human nature and social issues play a leading role in my collaged encaustic, acrylic, and assemblaged creations.

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Jerrell Holm

The classical shapes of oriental vessels may be recognized in my work. Simple taut full-blown shapes with clean hard lines expand from a small base and return to a concluding opening. They become more complex and unusual as the smooth surface on some forms is interrupted by the rhythmic repetitions of points resulting in a sense of textural tension.

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Jessica Sundquist

My inspiration comes from both conscious and subconscious sources. I express myself through color, form, texture and movement. Abstract paintings, drawings, ceramics, masks and jewelry.

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Jodi Poehls

I Love painting! All of my pieces are originals. I began 8 years ago painting on denim shirts I had great success and caught the bug. I have been painting and personalizing mailboxes, furniture, signs, paintings, portable murals etc. ever since. I love working with clients to achieve just what they want. I hope too see you in my home and studio in beautiful downtown Valley City.

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John Sherman

Mercy Hospital

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Joni Altringer

Mercy Hospital

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Joseph DeMasi

Joseph DeMasi is an award-winning singer, songwriter, recording artist and entertainer who has been delighting audiences throughout the world with his music, humor and talent for over 25 years.

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Linda Luessen

Watercolor and acrylic painting.

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Linda Whitney

Decoration of the mind, body and spirit, through encaustics, drawings, prints and jewelry.

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Sheyenne Valley Woodcarvers

Wood carving chip, relief, in the round.

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Sulu Grim

My art is therapy to me because it's a chance for met o express myself at the time I create it without judgment from others. I have a wide range of talent in graphic design, photography, drawing, and painting. I do not have a favorite medium or subject matter. I tend to choose my medium and subject matter spontaneously.

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Susan Morrissey

I work in a variety of mediums. The work consists of prints, assemblage, ceramic sculpture and paintings; it is figurative and often whimsical.

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Theresa Kjelshus

I choose photography as my medium of art because I enjoy capturing moments and focusing on things that catch my eye. The challenge of taking ordinary things you see on a daily basis and making them into art is exciting for me. I tend to favor black and white images because it gives my art a classic and historical feel and in turn makes my art timeless.

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Theresa Paul

I create original jewelry designs using sculpted sterling silver and gold filled wire. I embellish with these a variety of metaland glass beads as well as a variety of stones and semi precious materials. Many pieces are one of a kind. I also have a line of simpler beaded jewelry.

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Posted on 10-21-2020