Current Members


Below, you will find a list of local community members, businesses, and organizations that make up the membership of the Bridges Arts Council

Individual/Family Members:

  • Larry and Carol Foth
  • Andre and Marla DeLorme
  • Phil and Darlene Mueller
  • George Gaukler
  • Rocky and Sue Stack
  • Arlys Netland
  • Sheryl Solberg
  • Lloyd and Margaret Thilmony
  • Gigi Goven
  • Robert and Faye Bubach
  • Duane Henricks
  • Darryl and Christine Podoll
  • Leo and JoAnn Schmidt
  • Pat and Meridee Erickson-Stowman
  • DuWayne Bott
  • Patricia Nielson
  • Bruce and Diane Kracht
  • John Hovda
  • Madeline Luke
  • Gereld Gerntholz
  • Alice and Jan Beauchman
  • Colleen Hare
  • Matt and Annette Nielson
  • Steve and Mary Lee Nielson
  • Mary Svenningsen
  • Sandra Goeller

Business/Organization Members:

  • Dutton’s Valley Gallery – George and Bonnie Dutton
  • Oliver-Nathan Funeral Chapel- Jeff Nathan
  • Tinta Pottery- Chuck and Linda Luessen
  • Valley Officeworks

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Posted on 10-21-2020