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Greg Hager

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Music has always been a part of Greg Hager's life. He wrote his first song and learned to play guitar at the age of seven and has been playing, singing, and writing ever since. While growing up, his family regularly traveled putting on gospel music shows. Hager says, "All five of us sang and/or played an instrument. We always had a keyboard, a couple of guitars, a bass, banjo, trombone, trumpet, or flute along to support the songs that we sang as a family." When Greg graduated from high school, he put himself through college as a member of a traveling public relations gospel singing group.

Hager is a "writer's writer" who sings stories of faith, cowboys, cattle, farming, and life. He averages about 100 concerts each year in the upper mid-west, and regularly performs his original music at Churches, Rodeos, Fairs, Festivals, Banquets, and various feature concert events.

He has been nominated three times as the Western Artist of the Year with the Academy Of Western Artists for singing about the west - "stories about love, life, and living, cattle, country, and faith - experiences common to us all."

Growing up on a grain and dairy farm near Valley City, ND is one of the experiences that he says he cherishes the most about his life. Times seemed simpler then, and the hundreds of acres that he had available around his farmstead was the greatest playground that any boy could ask for. However, like all childhood experiences, they now exist only in memories, photographs, and daydreams.

He says that he has discovered through observation and experience that almost all people want the same things. "It seems that there exists for most people the life they live and the life they wish they lived. And, unfortunately, the two are almost always separated." In many ways his life and experiences are the same as yours. And so, the songs he writes and sings are really your songs too. The raw emotions of tragedy, happiness, and success are cleverly captured. He sings the stories of the people around him, about the times that were, and the times that are yet to come - a truly family friendly entertainer.

Hager has been influenced by great 12-string guitar pickers and musical story-tellers like John Denver, Roger Whittaker, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Overstreet, Clint Black, George Strait, and many others. His style is described along the lines of what Country and Western music used to be before all of the Pop influences. Easy-going, melodic, and clever.

Greg Hager looks forward to the times that are shared together traveling down the road. Life is a ride!!!

Hager is a Nashville produced musician who has recorded and released seven CD's of 100% original music. Hager recently reached a historical milestone by becoming the only artist in North Dakota history to record and release 7 albums of original music.

Four of his albums are "positive" western and country. He has one Christmas album, and two albums of Country Gospel music.

He is married with three children and lives southwest of Valley City, ND near the family homestead.

Connect with him at and on Facebook and Twitter.

P.O. Box 773
Valley City, ND 58072
Country: United States

Phone Number:
(701) 490-1807


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Posted on 10-21-2020