"The Bridges Arts Council's mission is to provide advocacy for the arts and cultural organizations in Valley City and neighboring communities."

Bridges Arts Council

Valley City, North Dakota


It is the firm belief of the Bridges Arts Council that local, community art is an essential facet of Valley City/Barnes County and it is something that must be advocated for. Art has a unique and rare ability to lead change and engage different demographics to make a difference and create beauty in their local community. This principle is what we are striving for, a community engaged with local art to ensure that the significance of art is never lost in Valley City and Barnes County.

We invite you to look through our website for local artist information and more!  If you have any questions looking through our site, please contact us.

The mission of the Bridges Arts Council is to provide advocacy for the arts and cultural organizations in Valley City, the Sheyenne Valley and neighboring communities. To facilitate this mission, the BAC applies for grants from the North Dakota Council on the Arts and uses those grant dollars, along with membership dollars, to provide funds for artistic events and opportunities for participation in the arts.

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It Is Our Belief That:


Art Can

  1. Promote positive interaction in the community amongst its citizens
  2. Increase civic engagement
  3. Engage Youth in positive outlets
  4. Promote the Community
  5. Help facilitate cross-demographic experiences