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"The Bridges Arts Council's mission is to provide advocacy for the arts and cultural organizations in Valley City and neighboring communities."

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Artist Name: Elizabeth Henderson

My mother did not know what to do with this very young, intense child. She tried everything to amuse me. Finally, at 6 months she sat me in a wooden chair taped a piece of white typing paper to the surface and gave me a felt tip pen. This was the beginning of a life long love of creating communicating and healing through my art.

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Artist Name: Jennifer Cabezas

Curious found objects and ephomera find a home in my mixed media work Human nature and social issues play a leading role in my collaged encaustic, acrylic, and assemblaged creations.


Artist Name: Jessica Sundquist

My inspiration comes from both conscious and subconscious sources. I express myself through color, form, texture and movement. Abstract paintings, drawings, ceramics, masks and jewelry.


Artist Name: Jodi Poehls

I Love painting! All of my pieces are originals. I began 8 years ago painting on denim shirts I had great success and caught the bug. I have been painting and personalizing mailboxes, furniture, signs, paintings, portable murals etc. ever since. I love working with clients to achieve just what they want. I hope too see you in my home and studio in beautiful downtown Valley City.


Artist Name: Linda Luessen

Watercolor and acrylic painting.

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Artist Name: Linda Whitney

Decoration of the mind, body and spirit, through encaustics, drawings, prints and jewelry.


Artist Name: Sulu Grim

My art is therapy to me because it's a chance for met o express myself at the time I create it without judgment from others. I have a wide range of talent in graphic design, photography, drawing, and painting. I do not have a favorite medium or subject matter. I tend to choose my medium and subject matter spontaneously.


Artist Name: Susan Morrissey

I work in a variety of mediums. The work consists of prints, assemblage, ceramic sculpture and paintings; it is figurative and often whimsical.


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